Cutting Edge Project Finance Advisory

Achievements, Awards and "Firsts"

2012 - Deal of the Year Social Infrastructure Latin America 

CEVASEP I & II - Mexico 

DoY Edited.png

2011 - Deal of the Year Renewable Energy Latin America 

Majes PV - Peru

Project Finance is core to Astris’ culture and DNA

Our team is made of former project finance bankers and experienced infrastructure and energy finance professionals with a deep understanding of the challenges related to raising limited recourse project financing in the sectors and markets in which we are active.

We advise our clients throughout the capital raising process

Astris often gets involved at the earliest stages of project development or at bid stage to support our clients during the negotiation of the projects’ contractual frameworks to ensure that the proposed commercial arrangements are conducive to implementing an optimal financing package in the context of a limited recourse financing strategy.

360-Degree Approach to Financial Advisory

Project Development

  • Bid Stage Advisory

  • Contractual Framework Design

  • Permitting Process Review

Debt Structuring

  • Financial Modeling

  • Market Read

  • Bank Due Diligence & Credit Approval


  • Support throughout Documentation

  • Derivatives Pricing Benchmark

  • Deal Monitoring


When we serve as Financial Advisor, we also design the interest rate risk, currency or inflation hedging strategies for the transaction. Our clients rely on us to understand the risks they are taking when placing a binding bid for a new project and to help them quantify and mitigate those risks. We have developed proprietary pricing tools which permit our clients to quantify those risks, benchmark and deconstruct the often opaque pricing of the derivative instruments embedded in our projects’ financing plans.

We are attracted to the most challenging projects where we can leverage our unique positioning and skillset to support our Clients’ teams: such as in new sectors or technologies, new markets or untested contractual frameworks, contractor-operators banked on a limited recourse basis for the first time, projects which are pioneers or the largest to date in their asset class.


As an independent advisor, we assess all possible sources of financing which may be available to your projects when recommending a financing strategy