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Featured Deals

  Transmission Line Portfolio   Brazil   M&A Advisory (Sell-Side)   2014-Ongoing

Transmission Line Portfolio
M&A Advisory (Sell-Side)

  Delta Solar Acquisition   France   M&A Advisory (Buy-Side)   2014

Delta Solar Acquisition
M&A Advisory (Buy-Side)

  Tecna & Panamericana Divestment   Peru   M&A Advisory (Sell-Side)   2014

Tecna & Panamericana Divestment
M&A Advisory (Sell-Side)

Astris has built a business in mergers and acquisitions as an extension of our project finance advisory work.  Our on-the-ground presence in major markets coupled with our multilingual capabilities permits us privileged access to local developments in real-time which allows us to see deals before they “hit the screens.” Our top tier clients – internationally, regionally, and locally – help us keep our finger on the pulse of activity in the Latin American region in particular.

One area of our M&A practice has grown by our clients’ needs to complement their own equity with that of third parties or their interest in recycling their capital for the next generation of projects. 

In the solar space, we have assisted our clients in post-commercial operations sell-downs to help them harvest capital for follow-on investments. 

Featured Deal Highlight: how we work with our clients over our projects' lifecycles - the example of solarpack's pv projects in peru

Solarpack is a Spanish RE developer who has been developing projects in Latin America since 2010. Leveraging on the Group’s know-how as a project developer,  Solarpack has become an owner-operator of assets successfully financed with limited recourse debt. Astris has helped Solarpack become a bankable sponsor-operator of RE assets in the region.

We have access to the most active infrastructure and energy investors

M&A Deal Highlight: Asset Sale Process

60+ Global Investors Contacted for the sale of PV plants in Peru in the latest process ran by Astris

In these types of transactions, we have had occasion to work with strategic international investors, significant local and regional players, the major Japanese trading houses and the principal pension fund investors in Europe and North America. In asset sales in particular, we have interacted with all major infrastructure funds active in Latin America.

Buy Side Advisory

Another significant area of activity for Astris has been on the buy-side with investors who are new to the region. These sophisticated investors have sought us out given our positioning in both the developed markets and our presence in the Latin American region. We are ideally positioned to bridge the knowledge gap and facilitate structuring of global and regional partnerships. Highlights include:

  • We advised on a successful partnership between a pension fund and an industrial company in the health care sector in Latin America 
  • We have advised another major pension fund on two potential portfolio acquisitions/partnerships in Brazil.